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Any of the mixtapes I make are for the sole purpose of promoting the bands and music I enjoy. If you are in a band or a record label and a song is on one of the mixes and you are pissed. Email me and I'll get rid of it.


Kyle Kinane on hipsters from his 2012 special Whiskey Icarus.

On the album, this is from the track “King Of The Night Time World”. 

I gave up on trying to find the audio on tumblr but I haven’t laughed this hard in awhile.

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233. Words Written Over Coffee-The Riot Before
I cried to god but god did not respond. Like a barrel chested strongman I suspended disbelief. I held it high over my head though all the weight was staggering. But legs buckled and muscles burned, in came gravity. I dropped it all, faced what I’d been avoiding. For many years I walked that road, for many years I tried. So earnestly, I sought the relationship advertised. But my empty hands and my empty heart could no longer be denied. Oh yeah I quit, I forfeit eternal life.